Hi, I'm Robin.

I help businesses stand out by designing original logos & graphics, using a creative process that brings their vision to life.

Since launching Studio 77 Designs in 2014, I've helped hundreds of businesses define themselves through eye-catching logos and standout designs. 


My process revolves around close communication to understand my clients' vision, and also an intuitive element, where my nearly 20 years of experience helps us fill in the gaps if a client wants help deciding their brand's direction.

I've worked as a designer on marketing, advertising, and commercial print teams. The experience I gained and the amazing people I worked with helped shape me into who I am today. I also believe in community and the importance of involvement, so when I'm not creating, you'll find me serving on various committees or meeting with people for a deep-diving brainstorming session.

Other than that, I love coffee and anything that tastes or smells like it, horses though I've never had one of my own, soaking in nature, and being present with family and friends. (Especially if board games are involved.) I'm a helper, do-er, creater, thinker, and feeler; analytical and yet abstract. I like to think that's what makes me a well-rounded designer as you'll see all of those elements come into play when we work together!

What's the next venture you're diving into? Get in touch here... I'd love to hear about it and be part of helping YOU launch what you love.

Image by Meghan Mosser